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DTMF Tone Decoder
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Last Update:2022-02-18 - New Release: DTMF decoder for decoding recorded DTMF tones from WAV files with a 45 character display window
Requirements:Win8, Win7 64 Bit, Win8, Win10 64 and 32
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Why use an audio spectrum analyzer? For those of you that have done video installations, would you install a camera and lens without a monitor to see what you are doing? Why would you do an audio installation without seeing what you are doing? The analyzer gives you an inexpensive method to install audio systems (microphones, amplifiers, equalizers, concealments, etc) using a laptop computer, internal or external sound card, and the software.

For those that want to evaluate products in a general way, the software can tell you some of the characteristics such as bandwidth, dynamic range, and frequency response curve.

DTMF Tone Decoder - audio technicians - police officers - forensic technicians - countermeasures technicians - essential tool

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