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Last Update:2014-09-01 - Minor Update: Fixed YouTube search.
Requirements:Java, Windows, 1MB RAM, Pentium
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Category:Audio & Multimedia::Presentation Tools


Cool Movie Browser discovers and gathers all your video files, which are distributed on different computers and hard-drives, into a single place.

This  (n.r gathering) isn't the only function, it also allows you to start each movie with its own media player (i.e. We can set .avi files to be started with VLC Player, and all .mpg with Windows Media Player), create play-lists, rename movies and so on.

For each discovered movie it will bring the poster image from the "cloud" (Internet), so you don't have to worry about identifying quickly your favorite movie.

Cool Movie Broswer - gathers - movies - files - from all your hard-drives - into a single list.

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