Tune Sweeper (Mac)

Tune Sweeper (Mac)
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Last Update:2016-01-25 - Major Update: Bugs fixed
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Find and remove duplicate tracks in your iTunes Library quickly with Tune Sweeper. This powerful tool makes removing duplicate items in your iTunes library a breeze.

Tune Sweeper shows groups of duplicate tracks found in your iTunes library and suggests which tracks to keep based on your preference. i.e. Highest Quality, Latest Played, Latest added etc.

Tune Sweeper also shows all the tracks listed in iTunes that are missing from your hard drive. Tune Sweeper can quickly remove these broken links in your iTunes library with one mouse click.

Using Tune Sweepers powerful search options, you can fine tune how Tune Sweeper scans your music collection.

You can search the results for specific items in your Library.

At a click of a button, Tune Sweeper removes the selected duplicates from iTunes, saving you disk space and cleaning up your music collection. Tracks removed from iTunes are optionally backed up for safe keeping.

Tune Sweeper (Mac)

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