..TeamPlayer4 PRO (6 users) v4.0.0.1

..TeamPlayer4 PRO (6 users)
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Last Update:2015-11-11 - Major Update: Bugs fixed
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Multi-user, multi-cursor tool:

Have you ever had a need for a collaborative and cooperative initiative that just needed a solution beyond what those so-called “collaboration” suites offer? Whether creating, reviewing, or learning, sometimes you need a solution that lets everyone participate at the same time - that’s why you absolutely need TeamPlayer4 Pro.

TeamPlayer4 Pro lets you have up to six users simultaneously use the desktop, each with their own colored cursors and labels. With TeamPlayer4 Pro, you’ll be able to have each person move and drag windows, control applications, and use their keyboard. It’s the perfect platform for collaborative efforts in education, research, and creative services.

Just imagine what can happen when you have six simultaneous users on screen, each using their own local mice and keyboard. Never get lost in the fray with labels you can edit on the fly.

Best of all, have remote users connect from anywhere using Windows, Android, or iOS with the free TeamCONNECT app on their device!

A PRO license is perpetual (lifetime license) and includes all functionality and support. Updates and new features for free (when they become available).

Licenses for more simultaneous users also available. Contact us for details

..TeamPlayer4 PRO (6 users)

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