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BookIt Desktop for MacOS
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Last Update:2021-03-04 - Major Update: Select webpages to save successively
Select unlimited links on the webpage
Select contents from ulimited websites
Organize all the content saved into an ebook
Requirements:windows 10 64bit
Limitations:10 Trial
Language:English, Chinese


BookIt is a desktop tool to collect webpages successively from the Internet, and organize them into an ebook. You are able to gather Internet materials across sites and also you can upload heml files from your own disk to geneate the book. You can use it either as a webpage converter or material collector.



Clutters are filtered to bring you a cleaner reading experience.


Edit Metadata and ToCs as you wish.

Flexible Picker

You can add web contents from URL or local files , or by using picker from web page.

Book Re-editable

All the ebooks you have build can be reorganized at any time.


Any web page can be handled, including dynamic pages, or pages that requires login.

Multi-Format Output


ebook build - webpage to epub - webpage to pdf - collect webpages - collect content from the Internet.

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