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Last Update:2021-01-10 - Major Update: Initial Version
Requirements:.NET 2.0 Runtime installed


Start and keep maximized automatically specified applications or windows.

Maximize Always is a utility that allows the user to start maximized any specified application and keep it maximized.

This is useful to save the time and effort to start and keep maximized frequently used applications and makes using your applications more convenient.

It is only necessary to specify the application's filename and then the application will be maximized automatically when it is run or when it is reactivated. You can also specify to maximize windows that contain specific text using wildcards and regular expressions.

Applications can be added to the list of to be maximized applications by dragging and dropping a target image on the application's window.

You can also include applications to the list of applications to be maximized by checking them on the list of opened applications of the Maximize Always system tray menu.

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