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Last Update:2006-07-21 - New Release: Fixed bug when clock and calendar parameters not saved on application close.
Improved timer functionality. You can setup time for one day/minute/second w/o additional minute and second.
Fixed bug with except
Requirements:Win 95 (with IE4.0) or higher
Limitations:60 Trial
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Draxysoft Wallpaper Sequencer (Walser) is a state-of-the-art wallpaper manager for Windows. With Wallpaper Sequencer you can create collections of your favorite wallpapers (BMP, JPG , PNG, GIF, PSD, PDD, PCX, PCC, WBZ, PSP, GIF, TIF, TIFF, PGM, PBM, TGA, VST, ISB, VDA, WIN, RLA, RPF, CEL, PIC image formats are supported) and automatically change them on each Windows startup or at specified time intervals that can be as small as 1 minute (for less memory usage Walser can be closed after the wallpaper change).

You can also change the wallpaper (or clear the desktop at all) by pressing a hotkey (Wallpaper Sequencer lets you specify custom keyboard shortcuts for a number of wallpaper operations). If you use Power Toys for Windows XP, Wallpaper Sequencer enables you to create an individual set of wallpapers for each virtual desktop.

The program can also enable the taskbar transparency (only under Windows 2000 and XP), revealing the entire wallpaper image. Other Wallpaper Sequencer features include full support for Windows XP visual themes, proportional stretching of wallpaper images and individual settings for each image, one-click access to desktop settings (such as screen resolution and refresh rate), support for transparent background of icon captions, ability to sort images by file type, multi-user support (on Windows NT/2000/XP only) and more.

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