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InstrumentLab .NET
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Last Update:2013-06-12 - Major Update: Bugs fixed
Requirements:.NET 2.0 to 4.5
Category:Development::Basic, VB, VB DotNet


Set of .NET 2.0-4.5 GDI+ rendered Visual Instruments.

Also includes a Visual Graphical Editor for Codeless Development.


  • LED control with On/Off states.

  • LED control with multiple states.

  • LED control with gradually changing intensity and/or color based on the input value.

  • Progress bar.

  • Thermometer gauge.

  • Angular gauge.

  • Linear gauge.

  • Analog clock.

  • 7, 9, 14 or 16 segment clock.

  • 7, 9, 14 or 16 segment gauge.

  • 7, 9, 14 or 16 segment indicator.

  • 7, 9, 14 or 16 segment text.

  • Spectrum Indicator.

  • Matrix display.

  • Rectangular, or elliptic panel covered with glass.

Other features:

  • OpenWire Enabled.

  • Composite components - The components can also plug into each other, so an analog gauge can contain Thermometer, Clock, Segment display, or any other InstrumentLab or PlotLab control.

  • Matrix component rendering - The matrix can render any other InstrumentLab or PlotLab control, including another Matrix.

  • VideoLab layering integration - All components can be rendered inside video as a video layer in the TVLDraw component of VideoLab.

  • VideoLab video display hosting and rendering - The components can contain image display, and use it as internal background. The Matrix can render video by using the ImageDisplay.

  • PlotLab integration - All components can be rendered inside a Scope or Waterfall as backgrounds. The Waterfall and Scope can be hosted in InstrumentLab components.

  • GDI+ rendered.

  • Included counters and time measuring components.

Free for non-commercial use.

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