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Last Update:2012-02-05 - New Release: Bugs fixed
Requirements:1GHz Processor; 256 RAM
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Web Application Kit can convert Delphi or other software projects to rich internet applications directly and effectively. It works together with Delphi or other programming languages, and generates both traditional PC software and web based applications from the same software projects. The only thing you need to do is to deploy Web Applications Kit to the server, then you would be able to generate custom links to the internet applications instantly.

Web development team will like Web Application Kit, because it can greatly help to shorten the development circle if they need to transplant existing software systems to web based applications. As traditional ways always required many skilled developers for months' hard working. Web Applications Kit will only take one click and get the project to be converted in minutes.

Modern enterprises will like Web Application Kit, because it enables them to enjoy SaaS in a direct way. Many CRM, ERP and other enterprise management systems could be transplanted to the browser side effectively by Web Application Kit.

To convert existing software projects to web based applications is very easy by using Web Application Kit. You can get the projects converted in minutes with following steps:

1. Deploy Web Application Kit to the local server or web server;

2. Edit the software projects according to the instructions;

3. Upload the created RIA files and generate a link to the web application.

After all these three steps, you will see the created web based applications smoothly running on internet or intranet. If you are looking for a programming tool which can generate rich internet applications from existing software projects, we highly recommend trying Web Application Kit!

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