.Net Core for Delphi v1.0.1.0

.Net Core for Delphi
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Last Update:2022-02-08 - Major Update: - Allow self-contained deployment with .Net Core Runtime Host.
- dotNetCore4Delphi Import Utility has been included.
Requirements:.Net Core 5 or Higher
Limitations:30 Trial


The dotNetCore4Delphi is a .Net Core Runtime Library for Delphi which helps Delphi/Pascal developers work with .Net Core. It is designed to provide a way to interact with .Net Core applications from Delphi/Pascal.

The easiest and the most efficient Delphi/Pascal and .NET Core integration technology in the market. Our product helps software companies to integrate Delphi/Pascal and .NET Core with the highest performance, reliability and flexibility to build the cross-technology web, desktop or server applications. It is also the best native Delphi/Pascal and .NET Core bridge on the market.

The dotNetCore4Delphi is a new product in the .Net for Delphi family which is a cross-platform framework that runs on Windows, Linux and macOS operating systems. It can be used in different types of Delphi/Pascal applications such as mobile, desktop, web, cloud, IoT, machine learning, microservices, game, etc. dotNetCore4Delphi product is a lightweight, fast, and cross-platform Framework for Delphi/Pascal.

Competitive Advantages:

  • Cross-platform framework that runs on Windows, Linux and macOS operating systems.

  • Full access to .Net Core Framework Class Library.

  • No extra dll is required when deployed.

  • Allows Delphi/Pascal to consume .Net Core libraries as if they were native code.

  • Lightweight and easy to use.

What dotNetCore4Delphi can do:

  • Access .Net Core Framework Class Library (such as Collections, IO, Networking, Security, Cryptography etc).

  • Access 3rd Party .Net Core Libraries.

  • Hosts the .Net Core Common Language Runtime (CoreCLR) in Delphi/Pascal.

  • Can load and access assemblies/types from 3rd party .Net Core libraries or executable files.

  • Can invoke members of a .Net Core types (such as constructor, fields, properties, methods and events).

  • Can create instance of .Net Core object.

  • Can handle .Net Core exceptions.

  • Can handle, access and invoke .Net Core events.

  • ...and many more.

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