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Egyptian Baccarat
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Last Update:2004-11-27 - New Release: Bugs fixed
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Limitations:15 Trial
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The game Egyptian Baccarat transfers you into the past of Egypt. You see the full-flowing Nile and its vast size amazes you. You see the bright-blue sky and it astonishes you with the purity of the color. The grand pyramids provoke the feeling of admiration in everybody's soul and the classical delineations of grandiose constructions make you feel a casual visitor in the temple of Gods.

Egyptian Baccarat acquaints you with one of its inhabitants. In spite of his belligerent look he is a bright specimen of an ancient culture and you can judge by his appearance about the fashions of clothing, about the stiles of haircut and the weapons of that time. This Egyptian is ready to become your friend and a rival in the game. He offers you to play a card game Egyptian Baccarat which is adsorbing and striking. The Egyptian himself is so really designed that he seems to be a living man. The music is chosen to create the feeling you are in Egypt and bright colors of the game space touch the imagination!

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