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Last Update:2021-01-01 - Major Update: New features: detailed cash flow projections for corporations and cash flow "crunch" warnings; 5 new Exchange-Traded Funds, or ETFs, including a govt. bond fund, a high-quality corporate bond fund, and junk bond fund, plus two 3X leveraged Stock Index funds; also a rare but scary "pandemic" scenario
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Wall  Street  Raider --  the ultimate in sophisticated financial simulations, a corporate takeover and stock market game and simulation, in which you strive to build your corporate empire by fair means or foul, all the while trying to stay one step ahead of the SEC, IRS, Justice Department, EPA, Congress, powerful unions and no end of ruthless competitors and dealing with difficult ethical choices -- not to mention various manmade and natural economic and other disasters.

   In this highly realistic simulation, 1 to 5 players (including the computer) compete to amass fortunes, investing in, or taking over and managing, any of up to 1590 companies in 70 industry groups.  Once in control of a company, you'll use all the tricks of the trade of real Wall Street corporate raiders to expand your empire and net worth, including hostile takeovers, greenmail, LBOs, IPOs, junk bond financing,   mergers, restructurings, dominating your industry, antitrust and other lawsuits to harass competitors, or dealing in put and call options and commodities.

All in the quest for the Almighty Dollar (or Yen, Pound, Euro, or other currency you configure it for).  All your investment research and financial wheeling and dealing occur against the backdrop of a nonstop 'live' stock ticker tape, scrolling financial news tape, and a constantly shifting economic and political environment in which all the companies and industries in Wall Street Raider must operate and try to cope.

  Speedy decision-making is of the essence, and sweaty palms are a certainty, as you try to cope and keep your company's earnings on an upward track -- or at least keep yourself out of Bankruptcy Court!  .... Reviews: In a front page article (6/22/2000) Investor's Business Daily called it an '.

..imaginative, stimulating...' simulation.  A  leading computer columnist  wrote of it, 'You can really learn something about stocks,   mergers, takeovers and the general world of finance, and have a whacking good time in the bargain.


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