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Fishing Simulator Office 2010
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Last Update:2012-01-01 - New Release: New version of nice fishing game!
Requirements:Processor: 1GHz; Memory: 256Mb; HDD 130Mb
Limitations:2 Trial / 2 Days or 8 Executions
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Language:English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish


For millions of men and women across the world, fishing is the number one way of escaping the hustle and bustle of hectic city life and the easiest way to get closer to nature. Unfortunately, most fishing fans simply don't have time to make frequent and time-consuming long trips to their favorite destinations. If you are one of those people who get carried away whenever they see a turbulent river or a placid lake and you can't wait to cast your lucky bait to land a trophy fish, indulge yourself to Fishing Simulator 2!

   This great game features 50 picturesque fresh- and salt-water locations: from the emerald waters of the Carribbean seas to deep and silent Scottish lochs, from shallow mountain streams to giant reservoirs, from bottomless ponds to meandering rivers of the plains - you have a whole world to see! You can enjoy each location at a different time of the day and use a wide variety of tackle according to the fishing conditions. No matter what kind of fish you want to catch - from a tiny perch to a giant marlin - it's all there! The game offers an amazing level of detail - both in terms of graphics and the realism of the fishing process - and makes sure you will never "come home" empty-handed. The relaxing soundtrack accompanying you throughout your fishing adventures and the quality of in-game graphics will be a pleasant surprise even for those users who have already tried several titles of the same kind.

   If you just love fishing in all of its forms and can't afford frequent trips into the wild, get yourself a copy of Fishing Simulator 2! Just start it, cast the bait into the water, think about something pleasant and wait for your biggest fish... After all, all fishing fans know that the time spent on fishing isn't counted into your age!

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