2D/3D cad: dwg, dxf, plt, cgm, svg, pdf v14

2D/3D cad: dwg, dxf, plt, cgm, svg, pdf
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Last Update:2018-09-05 - Major Update: Creating a section view of 3D models;
3D object visualization options: Edges, Wireframe, Surface;
Anti-aliasing in 3D modes;
Display of a 3D model bounding box and its overall dimensions;
Tool to adjust 3D model transparency;
Export to AutoCADŽ DWG 2010;
Other improvements.
Requirements:CPU: 1.33 MHz / RAM: 1 GB / Free disk space: 200 MB
Limitations:45 Trial
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ABViewer is a multipurpose software to work with 2D and 3D CAD files. It supports AutoCAD DWG (2.5 - 2018), DXF, PDF, STEP/STP, IGES/IGS, STL, SVG, CGM, PLT, HPGL and other file formats.

Viewing. ABViewer enables to view 2D and 3D files, measure them and convert to other formats. It is possible to create a section view of a 3D model, see its hidden elements and measure them when necessary.

Editing. The software has a wide range of tools to create and edit files. The special Redline mode allows users to add markups and comments to a drawing.

Converting. ABViewer offers a PDF to DWG conversion feature, it transforms PDF data into editable DWG entities. Other types of conversion (e.g. STEP to DWG, DXF to PDF, IGES to STL, etc.) are also available.

G-code generation. ABViewer enables to generate G-code for CNC machines from AutoCAD DWG and DXF files.

Printing. The software supports multipage and tiled printing.

Files comparison. With ABViewer users can compare two DWG/DXF files to see how they were changed.

ABViewer makes work with drawings more efficient and easier!

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