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Last Update:2012-09-20 - Major Update: Bugs fixed
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FontLister is the best

way to find your way through all your fonts. Got a lot of fonts? Would you

like a quick way to see them -- even the ones that aren't installed? Then

take a look at FontLister, a good-looking utility that no Windows font

fanatic should be without. It lets you print and view samples of all your

typefaces (including TrueType, Type 1, and screen fonts). Switch between a

two-paned, Explorer-like 'edit' view that shows samples of faces one at a

time and a full-screen 'compare' view that builds quick samples of all

fonts -- screen, printer, or uninstalled -- so that you can see several

typefaces at once. The edit mode also gives you three sample choices: upper

and lowercase with numbers, all ASCII characters (which lets you spot which

faces have complete character sets), and imported custom text. You can print

three different types of samples of every font or just the ones you need

hard copies of. A toolbar lets you quickly change the font's attributes and

size, plus you can adjust the background and foreground colors. FontLister

lets you delete and install TrueType fonts, gives you more-detailed

information on each font, and sports several interface and printing



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