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Last Update:2009-03-10 - Minor Update: enchenced for openning raw fax
Limitations:1000 Trial / trial version open view print only part of FAX, not convert.
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Smart FaxSee is a smart professional fax viewer and fax to tif tiff converter, offers you a full solution to open view print ALL your G3 G4 fax images, and convert other fax to TIF TIFF format. Smart FaxSee supports many FAX file formats, such as:

1) TIFF fax compressed by MH, MR, MMR, CCITT group 3, CCITT Group 4, PackBits, etc.

2) FMF fax, by FaxWizard FaxMan.

3) FXD FXS FXR FXM fax, by WinFax Pro.

4) DCX black-white fax.

5) QFX fax, by Quick Link.

6) BFX fax, by BitFax.

7) APF fax, by APRO MightyFax, etc.

8) G3F G3N fax, by Zetafax.

9) AWD fax, by MS at work fax.

10) All other CCITT Group 3 (T.4 MH MR compressed) and most other CCITT Group 4 (T.6 MMR compressed) fax, like g3 g4 g31d g32d mh mr mmr raw fax , etc.

You can also slide show your fax images.

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