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Last Update:2015-11-11 - New Release: add support for Windows 10
Requirements:Pentium Processor, 5MB Disk Space, VGA or Better Display
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Thumbs.db Viewer was written to give the computer user tools to reconstruct Thumbs.db, ehthumbs.db, thumbcache_*.db (Windows Vista, Windows 7) and iconcache_*.db (Windows 8/10) database records.

Thumbs.db is a hidden system file generated automatically by Windows when you view the contents of a folder in 'Thumbnail' or 'Filmstrip' view. Thumbs.db contains a copy of each of the tiny preview images generated for image files in that folder so that they load up quickly the next time you browse that folder.

Thumbs.db is actually a database of the miniature images that exist in the folder from which they were initiated. The early versions of Thumbs.db files as they appeared in Windows ME/W2k contained not only the thumbnail image of the parent file, but also the filename, drive letter, and path to that image. Later versions, Windows XP, store the image and its filename but not the path. In Windows Vista/7/8/10 the Thumbs.db file has been replaced by several 'thumbcache_*.db' files which are now located within the user`s profile.

Deleting the Thumbs.db file in Windows has no affect on your operating system: the Thumbs.db file is recreated in each folder each time you view thumbnails.

Even though the images have been deleted in the folder they could still exist in the Thumbs.db file along with their modification dates.

Thumbs.db Viewer allows displaying Thumbs.db (thumbcache_*.db, iconcache_*.db) database records as well as the miniature graphics generated in each; collects all the thumbcache files in and below the specified folder; searches the Recycle Bin for deleted thumbcache files; extracts and views all or selected pictures as HTML or PDF representations; view the image in full size or as the best fit for program`s window; rotate images; the program can search any files for a JPG graphic; create and export reports (reports are generated on the basis of thumbnails which may be located in different source files); thumbnails search in reports

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