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Last Update:2002-10-10 - Major Update: Now keeps log of urls in all closed pop-ups. Added ability to specify "whitelists" of urls and complete domains from which to allow pop-ups. Add user-defined "bypass hotkey" which when held, temporarily disables protection allowing a pop-up to open.
Requirements:VB6 Runtime, Internet Explorer
Limitations:Expires after terminating 100 pop-ups
Category:Network & Internet::Ad Blockers


Powerful, no-nonsense pop-up protection utility that is guaranteed to provide annoyance-free web browsing at all times while it is on duty, effectively terminating all unwanted pop-up browser windows automatically. SmoothSurfin' can be configured to start automatically when Windows is started and sits quietly in your System Tray, consuming very little resources, vigilantly standing guard against the ever-strengthening onslaught of annoying pop-up advertising windows that seem to be taking over the Web; allowing smooth, peaceful surfing at all times.

Unlike other pop-up eliminators, SmoothSurfin' indiscriminately targets and terminates ANY and ALL browser windows that attempt to open from within an existing one. You can enable or disable pop-ups at any time by one of several quick and convenient shortcuts.

You can also hold down a special, user-defined hotkey to temporarily disable protection and allow a pop-up to open. The program also keeps a log of all urls in closed pop-ups in case you need to go back and see what you missed or add those urls or domains to one of the program's two whitelists.

The whitelists allow you to specify urls or complete domains from which you wish to allow pop-ups to open while protection is enabled. Integration with the Internet Explorer toolbar and context menus allow you to conveniently control the program while browsing the Web.

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