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BitRope P2P Accelerator
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Last Update:2017-12-20 - Major Update: Speed optimization, minor bugs fixed.
Requirements:Internet connection
Category:Network & Internet::File Sharing/Peer to Peer


BitRope P2P Accelerator is a highly-developed file sharing add-on to complement the performance of the program you use to download torrents. The first aspect of the convenience around which it is built is rendered by the level of compatibility it offers - BitRope P2P Accelerator works very well with all p2p clients that come to your mind including uTorrent, Azureus, Ares, Bearshare, BitTorrent, BearFlix, BitComet, DC++, Emule, Edonkey, FrostWire, Imesh, Kazaa, LimeWire, Morpheus, Shareaza, Warez, WinMx etc.

If you download content more than occasionally then a file sharing accelerator is indispensable to your p2p experience. BitRope P2P Accelerator is one of the most reliable universal accelerators available free of charge. It ensure that your torrents are downloaded at the highest speed that your internet connection, the number of download sources (which will also be increased), and the bandwidth you have available (which will be also optimized) allow.

BitRope P2P Accelerator includes a number of advanced features able to maximize the behavior of your BitTorrent client without calling for your technical skills. From installing to running the program and boosting your torrents downloads, the user-friendliness remains probably the key feature of BitRope P2P Accelerator - so loyal to the concept that you could actually teach a six year-old (or your grandma, for that matter) to use it. This is mainly due to it being designed to perfectly integrate into the p2p client you are using and operate automatically without the user's intervention.

Another strong point of the program is its size - BitRope P2P Accelerator is very content with very little resource consumption which also makes it a good choice.

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