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Last Update:2017-12-20 - Major Update: Improved GUI. Updated server list.
Requirements:MS Windows; Internet connection.
Category:Network & Internet::File Sharing/Peer to Peer


ShareDix is a clear-cut file sharing client using the up-to-date architecture to help you download movies, music, text documents and other with greater efficiency. The availability in terms of networks, ghost ratings, a queue area you can easily configure, make it an optimal solution as a p2p software.

The program works with Gnutella2, Gnutella, eDonkey, and BitTorrent networks which means there will be plenty of peers to connect to.

ShareDix responds extremely quickly and with lots of results to your search and includes a built-in media player that allows you to preview what you are downloading so you'll always know the quality of files you are getting from the moment the download starts. The program manages the download queue automatically but you can opt for operating it manually and modify the status of files yourself and the addition of a very practical file-management system makes it easier to organize content and surf through your library.

One of ShareDix' central selling points is its interface, clean and extremely well thought out, it resonates with the user instantly. It displays an upper tool bar, showing network connections, views, tools with help documentation, and a lower graphical toolbar, whose purpose is to ease-up your work when operating with "home", "library", "media player", "search" or "transfers".

Whether first-timers with a p2p client or savvy users of such applications, ShareDix will definitely be to your liking due to its high manageability. Just click the Home button and check out for yourself, the whole program controlled from this main window. Besides that, you get detailed information regarding the download process logically displayed even for the most novice of users.

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