FlexiSPY for iPad + Password Cracker

FlexiSPY for iPad + Password Cracker
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Last Update:2014-03-12 - Major Update: Bugs fixed
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Want to Start Spying On an iPad?

Download. Discover. In Minutes.

The world is becoming ever more complicated. Many times we find ourselves needing to understand people’s real motives. Perhaps to protect and guide our children, to confirm our partners sexual or emotional fidelity, or to comply with legal requirements for monitoring employees. If they have an iPad, FlexiSPY will let you know who they really are.

Buy now and start receiving spy data from a iPad device in minutes - you'll get instant access to the information, and we've made the installation super easy - unlike others, we're here on live chat to help even after the sale - finally, we have a no-quibble 10 day money back guarantee to make you feel even more secure.

For the first time ever, you can crack the passcode used to unlock the iPhone, and the actual passwords they use for social messaging, emails and applications. This means that you will be able to logon directly to their Facebook, Skype, LINE and email accounts from your own computer.

As Unique As The iPad It Was Designed For.

FlexiSPY for iPad now comes with SpyCam — our latest spying invention available only from FlexiSPY. SpyCam lets you secretly open the iPad's camera and microphone — so you can see and hear exactly what's going on around the iPad — all without any indication to the user. But FlexiSPY is no one trick pony — with over 150 monitoring features, FlexiSPY can tell you everything that happens on the iPad. FlexiSPY is especially good at reading IM messages such as WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook, LINE iMessage etc. — more than any other iPad spy product available. In addition, FlexiSPY can spy on GPS, Email, photos and a host of other applications. And with the password cracker option, you can even know when they change passcodes and passwords so you can log into their iPad at any time.

FlexiSPY iPad Password Cracker goes into the root of the device, where the master passwords are held and grabs all their passwords and delivers them to you — it’s a worlds first for iPad and available only from FlexiSPY.

iPad Spy Features

·         SpyCam, RemCam, Ambient Recording

·         Remote Commands

·         100% Invisible

·         Facebook, LINE, Viber, Skype, WeChat, iMessage, SMS, E-mail, BBM  <See All>

·         Locations, Addresses, Calendar, Notes

·         Photos, Videos, Audio, Wallpaper

·         Applications, Bookmarks, Web History

  •          Password Cracker

FlexiSPY for iPad + Password Cracker

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