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Last Update:2015-07-30 - Major Update: Single Sign-On for legacy applications, SSO for web sites and Credential Provider for Network Level Authentication (NLA) added.
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Smartcard Logon to Windows Machines - without the requirement of a domain controller!

Aloaha Smart Login represents one of the most dramatic changes in the Windows Vista/7/8 logon screen.

To be able to logon via Smartcard, PKCS #11 or USB Memory Stick to a windows machine requires usually the machine being a member of a domain. With the Aloaha Credential Provider that is not required - you can also do a card logon to stand alone machines!

Logon to Windows with Smart Card, PKCS #11 Token, I2c Card or USB Memory Stick.

Active Directory supported

Active Directory not required

RDP, Hyper-V, Remote Shares, etc supported.

Secure RDP Launcher included

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