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Last Update:2016-12-29 - Major Update: Allow users to login and top-up their account when expired. Unlike standard pay & go mode, a user needs to authenticate first with their username and password, and then insert money into coin/bill accept-or. This gives you additional layer of security who can access your service.
Requirements:CPU 1.7 Ghz , 1 GB of RAM memory and 50 GB of hard drive space
Category:Security & Privacy::Access Control
Language:English, Czech, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish


Antamedia Kiosk software locks down your public computer or kiosk, helping you securely display your website or application. It prevents hacking and downtime by restricting access to the system, desktop, drives, folders and programs based on your settings. The software blocks the system keys like Ctrl-Alt-Del and replaces the system shell for maximum protection. Secure Browser removes standard browser menus, blocks downloads and pop-ups, limits browsing to specified URLs and blocks inappropriate content and websites. It offers customizable start page themes with multilingual support and a Virtual Keyboard for touch screen support.

Internet Kiosk Software, Secure Browser and Digital Signage software converts computers into self-service kiosk.

Payment Station helps you collect money from your customers using coin and bill acceptors or receive credit cards payments.

WiFi HotSpot integration allows you to offer WiFi around your Kiosk. Internet service, your website or application can be offered for free or at defined price. It multiplies your revenue or service while utilizing the same hardware. Save on bandwidth costs and increase security by disabling file downloads, pop-ups, Java, ActiveX, scripts.

Show notifications or advertisements by combining videos, images, web pages, flash animations. Choose one of the predefined layouts of the screen split in to the 2, 3 or 4 parts, each configurable with different content.

Maintain and support unattended systems instantly without having to travel to sites. Access your self-service computers remotely and configure applications, troubleshoot, resolve issues, run updates, help customers, monitor suspicious activity.

Easy-to-use, saves money and helps you protect your self-service kiosks.

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