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PC Chaperone provides the most complete parental controls available by combining powerful Internet filters, time management tools, instant messenger controls, and user monitoring tools.

The Internet filters include website lists and dynamic filters that analyze and categorize websites as they are loaded. Customized lists can also be created to allow or block specific websites, and all browsing activity can be monitored to help identify dangerous browsing habits. Access to specific websites can even be time limited to prevent excessive use. For example, using these scheduling tools access to sites such as MySpace.com and Facebook.com could be limited to a couple hours a day or to specific time periods. PC Chaperone is the only Internet filter with this type of scheduling ability.

The AOL (AIM), Windows Live Messenger (MSN), and Yahoo Instant Messenger tools give control over which contacts users can talk to while allowing the recording of these conversations. PC Chaperone will even decode common acronyms, meaning you no longer have to know what "4col" means to understand what is being said.

The time management tools are used to schedule access to specific programs or groups of programs. For example, a schedule could be created to limit the amount of time children spend playing games. PC Chaperone is the only parental control that allows multiple programs to be controlled by one schedule.

PC Chaperone also includes an integrated keystroke logger to monitor activity in any program.

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