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Last Update:2008-12-17 - Major Update: more compatible devices available
Requirements:Series 60.3
Limitations:10 Trial / Full Functional trial for 10 days
Category:Security & Privacy::Access Control
Language:English, German, Russian, Ukrainian


Tired of remembering all confidential information? With only one Phone Wallet application you will keep all secure info in one place and have access to it any time.

Now the number of compatible devices was increased . Phone Wallet is compatible with mobile phones Series 60.3 Feature Pack 2: Nokia N96, Nokia N85, Nokia N79, Nokia 5320 Nokia 6210, Nokia 6220, Nokia N78

Phone Wallet helps you safely store all the data on your mobile phone in one place so you can have easy access to your data at any time when you need it. Secured data become unavailable for others, you set your own entrance password, which is known only to you.

Even if your phone got stolen, nobody could read your passwords, logins or any other info even after making the disk dump. To be sure that nobody can access your data you can change your password often.

The application is fully customizable according to your needs. You can easily add your own folders, customize or delete existing ones . In every folder you can make as many items as you wish with your own fields.

Key Features:

  • Strong data encryption for your data security with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)

  • Ability to backup your data and restore them (for example if you want to update your firmware or transfer some data from one mobile phone to another)

  •     New predefined folder Travelling was added where you can store your hotel bookings and frequent fliers information

  • AutoLock function after some time of being idle

  • Application is locked when it goes to background

  • Layout settings for icons and view styles

  • Total flexibility for adding, deleting and editing of folders, records and fields

Registration Information

The trial version is limited for 10 days. A license code based on IMEI is provided upon purchase. You may purchase Phone Wallet at

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