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Last Update:2009-06-23 - New Release: Bugs fixed
Requirements:XP, Vista, Windows 7, IE7 or higher, CPU:750MHz Intel or AMD CPU; RAM: 512mb
Limitations:30 Trial / Support and updates included for 12 months
Category:Security & Privacy::Access Control


Safe4Kidz is .... Parental Control software - put it on a PC and that PC is safe for kids; Intended for PCs which are primarily used by children; it complements anti-virus and firewall products; Easy for parents -provides immediate protection for children, no additional setup or configuration required; Great for kids - thousands of safe sites and they can still use Google/Wikipedia to do homework, but safely; Cost effective - protect up to three PCs for one low price

Safe4Kidz tackles online child safety issues .... Parents are often not aware of the dangers of allowing young children to use the Internet unsupervised; 46% of children access their PCs from a private area of the house, without parental supervision; Two thirds of parents do not use parental controls to protect their children; Four out of five parents do not switch on the parental controls they have; 90% of children have been exposed to pornography; 2-11 year-olds comprise almost 10% of the active online universe; 2-11 year-olds online time has increased 63% in the last 5 years

Key features include ... Designed specifically to protect younger age children, 4 to 12 years-old; Immediate protection - no setup or configuration required by parents; Kids can choose from thousands of reviewed child-friendly sites; Dynamic language filter, blocks pages that use bad language or inappropriate terms, so sites like Google and Wikipedia can be used safely; Advice and redirection for at-risk groups, so children searching for suicide, self-harm, etc are redirected to support groups; Flexible protection settings give effective protection for websites and all applications on the PC (not just those that access the Internet); Controls access times for when your kids can surf the web, play games and run programs; "Family Circle" to monitor and manage activities online, no need to be at the child's PC.

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