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Last Update:2011-10-19 - New Release: - Added: Edit. Data Group. Edit mode.
- Added: Edit. Data Group. Ability to apply all the filters and search for any date range.
- Added: Data Groups. Screenshots. Menu item "Save as" in the screenshot viewer.
Requirements:RAM 16 Mb; iPentium 100; HDD 10Mb
Limitations:30 Trial
Category:Security & Privacy::Access Control


Computer performance and user activity monitor with system administration toolsy. Also it can help you to regulate application usage for specific users and set automatic reaction to specific events, StatWin Professional lets you monitor and analyze all aspects of computer performance and user activity, such as system start and shutdown time, running processes and applications, visited websites, access to shared resources from LAN, printer usage.

StatWin Professional also lets you monitor user activities and administer the system, even in the stealth mode, so users of the monitored computer cannot suspect the presence of the monitoring software. The program can log keystrokes, capture mouse clicks, monitor clipboard and take screenshots of the desktop over a predefined period of time. In addition, the program allows you to schedule time slots within which the user can run specific applications and games, browse the Internet and also set the reaction to specific actions of the user such as exit Windows, or run a selected process. This helps to provide different access rights to the users of the computer.

Collected information is displayed as data groups. Clicking a data group like Processes shows the listing of all captured processes with detailed information about each one. As the user browses through the records, it's possible to make use of filters to narrow down to specific users, database and time period. To find a specific record, there is the Search box that quickly displays the results as the user is entering the letters of the keyword. Also the program can show statistics on processes, rating of frequently used processes in percent and as a diagram and generate reports on any aspect of computer performance (for example, Clipboard statistics).

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