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Last Update:2017-10-15 - Major Update: Improved compatibility with latest Windows versions
Updated filtering database
Requirements:Windows 7 or later
Category:Security & Privacy::Access Control


Surfblocker helps parents keep kids away from Internet harms and business managers keep employees focused on work.

With Surfblocker you can restrict access to the Web, block harmful content and decide what content is available to your users. You can restrict internet access at specified times or on demand. You can disable connection completely or limit Internet to work with allowed programs and services only. In order to fully enable Internet access, user defined password must be entered. You can easily schedule Internet availability. Timer allows you to disable Internet connection after specified amount of time.

Key features:

  • Restrict internet access

  • Password protect internet access

  • Block adult content hazardous websites

  • Block corruptive content

  • One-click enable or disable Internet

  • Block specific websites

  • Allow specific websites

  • Limit Internet usage time

  • Schedule internet availability

  • Internet usage quotas

  • Remote control

For Parents:

  • Protect your kids from using Internet too much

  • Balance Internet use

  • Prevent Internet addiction

  • Ensure healthy daily routine

For Businesses:

  • Keep employees from online entertainment at work

  • Increase productivity

  • Boost workforce performance

  • Allow only work-related stuff

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