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Last Update:2010-04-12 - New Release: - Support for VBA variable exceptions
Requirements:Microsoft Office
Category:Security & Privacy::Access Control


VBASafe is an advanced product specifically designed to protect your VBA code and intellectual property.

Numerous third party tools are available on the internet which can be easily used to break the password security of VBA code.

With VBASafe your VBA code is converted to a format which is unreadable to the human eye but still interpreted as normal code by Microsoft Excel.

Having your code scrambled with VBASafe, you mitigate the need for a VBA password and overcome the problem of weak VBA project security.

Full features of VBASafe include:

  • Scramble your VBA Code:

VBASafe converts your VBA code in a matter of seconds, no matter how complicated this is. This makes it extremely hard for someone to understand and follow its logic.

  • Clean your VBA Code:

VBASafe cleans your VBA project from the "junk code" that accumulates during the development phase which could lead to unspecified problems. You will also notice a significant reduction in file size and improved execution time (depending on the complexity of your code).

  • Strip comments and blank lines:

VBASafe allows you to remove all blank lines and comments from your VBA code, thus making it even harder to interpret for a malicious user.

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