ZAPaSPAM for Outlook w/ Parental Control v2.3

ZAPaSPAM for Outlook w/ Parental Control
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Last Update:2006-04-20 - Major Update: Ability to save your previous configuration and then import it when you reinstall ZAPaSPAM.
A new QUICK INSTALL feature that will use the DEFAULT setting to set up your configuration instead of using the step-by-step wizard.
Abilty to share "White List" & "Black List" when you switch to different language.
Requirements:Outlook or Outlook Express
Limitations:14 Trial
Category:Security & Privacy::Anti-Spam & Anti-Spy Tools
Language:English, ChineseSimplified, French, German, Japanese, Spanish


Today, unsolicited or unwanted messages are clogging e-mail inboxes at an alarming rate!  More than 70% of all e-mail traffic is "SPAM".  As e-mail vendors introduce new technology aimed to thwart this growing threat, the spammers counter by employing more creative tactics to circumvent the "filtering" technology used today.

Content or contextual-based filtering and IP addresses filtering are no longer effective methods to block unwanted e-mails as they often block legitimate e-mail from reaching you while allowing illusive junk mail into your Inbox. Outsourcing of e-mail filtering to a 3rd party is both costly and subjects you to breeches of privacy as these 3rd parties review the contents of your e-mail.

Introducing - ZAPaSPAM

ZAPaSPAM(TM) is a permission-based software that incorporate unique digital certificate technology which absolutely prevents message deliveries from unauthorized senders.

     Simple to set up and use

     Blocks 100% of unwanted e-mails

     Integrates seamlessly with Outlook & Outlook Express

     Supports multiple languages

     Backed by our Satisfaction Guarantee or your money back!

ZAPaSPAM for Outlook and Outlook Express

Completely eliminates unwanted e-mails

ZAPaSPAM(TM) is powerful and accurate

By using this software, we guarantee that you will only receive e-mail messages from individuals who you authorized.

ZAPaSPAM(TM) is software and not a service.

Fully integrates with Outlook & Outlook Express.

All features are accessible from our easy-to-use toolbar.

Prevent the loss of legitimate e-mail due to faulty filtering technology.

Only authorized e-mail will be in your Inbox.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

We are confident that you will like ZAPaSPAM(TM). Within 30 days of purchase, if you are not satisfied with ZAPaSPAM(TM) for any reason, we will refund your purchase price.

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