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Last Update:2019-01-28 - Minor Update: Registered versions are usable off-line. And some functionalities are optimized.
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PlanetWheelShortcuts, is an incredible tool for shortcuts input, for example the operating system shortcuts or programs shortcuts, in the fastest way possible. It saves your effort in remembering numerous shortcuts of various commands.

PWS binds all the system and application commands to selection wheels centered by the mouse pointer, committing a command is as easy as moving the pointer to a planet on the wheel.

PWS allows you to quickly edit/add/delete a planet on the wheel when the pointer moves close to the planet.

PWS allows you to quickly switch wheels via mouse wheel or keyboard arrow keys. The wheel is switched among different wheels in the same program, and among different programs while the Ctrl key is down.

PWS allows you to quickly perform a wide variety of tasks by greatly reducing the time it takes for you to execute certain commands. This makes it a must-have, especially if working against a deadline on your PC is your job.

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