PC Startup Master 3 PRO

PC Startup Master 3 PRO
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Last Update:2012-02-06 - Major Update: Bugs fixed
Limitations:30 Trial
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PC Startup Master is a Windows startup management and optimization solution that helps you take control of applications which run automatically on system startup, enabling you to prevent unnecessary programs, services and scheduled tasks from running on Windows startup, this will dramatically increase system startup speed and enhance system response.

PC Startup Master has compact, simple and customizable user interface enabling you to do much with less steps, making PC Startup Master suitable for beginners which have no or little technical knowledge as well as advanced users.

Beside optimizing system performance, PC Startup Master will enhance system security by preventing malicious and unsafe applications from running on your system. Startup Guard can monitor and protect Windows startup from being modified by malicious software that would try to add harmful applications to system startup folders or registry keys.

PC Startup Master 3 PRO

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