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Private Label Referrer Scanner
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Last Update:2009-08-19 - New Release: New GUI, Improved Layout, Other
Requirements:Access to your website's .log files
Limitations:15 Trial
Category:Web Development::Log Analysers


Master resell rights private label software!  Customize the company name, program name, website and graphics!

There are thousands of reasons you might want to know who is linking to you, but most web-based statistics programs only show you a small number of referrers and don't properly handle complex links with ?'s and &'s in them.

Worst of all, when you click a link in your web-based stats program, it puts the URL of your administrative section into other people's log files, opening the door to hackers if your site isn't protected properly!

This software fixes these problems.  It makes it easy to see who is linking to you, what they are linking to, and doesn't leave footprints behind that allow hackers into your admin section.

Handles multiple log files at once

Removes internal links that originated from pages on your website

Lets you browse directly to the pages that are linking to you using the in-program browser

Removes duplicate links

Generates statistics about the sites that are linking to you

The branded version of this software will display your webpage every time it is run!

Does not Contain any Adware, Spyware, or other Third Party Software.

A brandable (a.k.a. Private Label) version of this software, with full resell rights, is available at

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