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File Commander PRO
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Last Update:2007-10-22 - Minor Update: Bugs fixed
Requirements:XMLSpy 2005 or newer
Limitations:14 Trial
Category:Web Development::XML/CSS Tools


Simply add File Commander PRO to the XMLSpy IDE as PlugIn to enhance your productivity by saving time and new functionalities.

File Commander PRO combines enhanced File Explorer features with XML related tasks to save your time:

File Explorer Tab: Validate your XML instances without the need to open them in the editor. In combination with the subfolder scan you can validate multiple files even in different folders. Use the name filter to find quickly files and folders you are looking for.

Workspace support: File Commander PRO reloads the files you had open the last time you used XMLSpy on the next startup. Ever wanted to set bookmarks in your files for the next day? Now bookmarks are restored for you and the last selection is also set. Great benefits to save time.

History Tab: A detailed list of all opened files until now. See the full path of files in the history and be no more limited to 10 entries. The History checks for you if the file was modified from outside since it was open in XMLSpy for the last time.

Increased safety: Save your work with the automatically created backup files.

Notes tab: Just enter or copy-paste everything you need to remember or what you want to keep for the next time you are using XMLSpy.

External Tools: Save time and clicks and start external tools like Internet Explorer, MSWord or any other executable directly from XMLSpy.

Settings Tab: Modify the behaviour of the PlugIn to fit your special requirements.

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