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Last Update:2018-12-23 - Minor Update: Visit http://onsitemonitor.com/release_notes.aspx for new features and update in this release.
Requirements:Windows 10, 8GB RAM
Limitations:30 Trial / none
Category:Communications::Web/Video Cams


OnSiteMonitor allows you to monitor and control devices by a single, customizable platform.  Devices from multiple vendors and technologies are supported.  When events occur, various actions can be taken that includes (but not limited to) email, phone calls, and issuing commands to individual devices.  System access is available remotely through any web browser enabled phone or computer via an Internet connection.

OnSiteMonitors basic concept is interoperability.   The system allows you read the status of one device and cause an action to occur on another device.  An action is issuing a command to a device to make it do something.  Action examples:  1) turning something on/off, 2) get a camera photo, 3) send an email alert, 4) make phone call alert, etc.

By design, OnSiteMonitor does not provide direct access to your cameras to minimize security concerns.  Camera access is provided through snapshots and videos on demand.  Some camera manufacturers allow you to use their cloud and mobile app to access your cameras.  OnSiteMonitor does not prevent a vendors intended remote access from being used.

There are many options and features available for your use of the system.  This document will explain and/or demonstrate how to configure your OnSiteMonitor installation.

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