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Last Update:2011-10-19 - New Release: Bugs fixed
Requirements:1 ghz processor, 512 RAM
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Knowledge Quiz presents you with ten random questions and answers in seven subject categories. As a reward for your score, you are shown a pleasant image, for example, a nature scene, a work of art, or some animation. Questions are generally easy with a few difficult ones thrown in at random.

You should be able to manage at least 50% on most question sets. The higher your score, the more interesting your reward image or animation. There are enough questions in knowledge quiz to keep you busy for hours, and of course, each time you return, you are presented with a new set of set of questions.

You can customize the appearance of the quiz to your own liking. You might think you will do better with some relevant customization, for example, you might prefer a galaxy background when answering science questions, or roman columns when answering history questions.

Or you can set just some plain color of your own. You can change the font to suit your mood, You can always return to the default. Knowledge Quiz is robust. Once installed, there is not much you can do to destroy it, other than uninstall it. The Quiz will run on any windows based computer with XP or above, 1 ghz processor, 512mb RAM and 30 mb hard disk space.

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