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Sicurpas Freeware professional
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Last Update:2012-10-27 - Major Update: No
Requirements:Win XP, Vista,Seven, 8, CPU 1.5 GHz, RAM 512 Mb
Category:Security & Privacy::Encryption Tools
Language:English, Afrikaans, Albanian, Catalan, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese


Sicurpas a freeware tool for complete safety.

Sicurpas Freeware 4.0 Professional is a powerful and complete tool to protect your passwords and your most sensitive data. Designed in Sardinia Mariano and Pierluigi Ortu in collaboration with Daniel Deriu, this software uses three of the most popular encryption algorithms in the world:

            - AES Rijndael 256 Bit Key

            - 256 Bit Twofish Key

            - Blowfish 448 Bit Key

This formidable security system is supported by algorithms designed by members of the defensive team Sicurpas:

           - Sicurpas AKL Algorithm: for protection against keylogger programs. AKL is able to                  blur all the most famous Keylogger the world.

           - AKL Keylogger Confusion + +: this additional algorithm has been shown to deceive                 all keylogger currently known.

           -  Sicurpas Ghost Algorithm : Ghost is able to repel the attacks of programs asterisk                      detectors and memory dump.

Sicurpas, in addition to being a powerful password manager is also able to encrypt any type of file and allows you to secure all your data.

The program has a powerful auto type, and has a secure password generator capable of processing sophisticated strings that can not be attacked by brute force programs. A fantastic tool that safety is a pleasant and intuitive graphical interface. To discover and full of many features. Sicurpas is compatible with all Windows operating systems from XP and later. Is distributed setup and  portable USB version.

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